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Hello Wellness Warriors & Health Seekers!

Attention women with weight to lose, low energy, brain fog, autoimmune disorders, diabetes, food sensitivities, & mystery health issues.

If you’re looking to find greater balance across all areas of your life, deepen your understanding of your own body, have big breakthroughs & “ah-ha!” moments, improve your eating habits, connect with your intuition, create a new standard of living for yourself, find what works for you, raise your self-confidence, have support in your health journey, find what works for you, be held accountable, free yourself of guilt and shame, set powerful intentions, deepen your joy, make smarter choices, find freedom in health, & feel better.

You are in the right place.

Hey there! I'm Kate Moore.

I’m an expert at holistic health, a nerd when it comes to biohacking, and my obsession is helping women live their best lives through better health (without ever counting a single calorie).

I am a healer — a modern day medicine woman — not because I have any special powers, but because I can lead you to unlocking the natural healing your body already knows how to do. In other words, I help you get out of your own way.

A beach-bumming salad-eating blogger, I love world travel, sitcoms, & things that sparkle.

But just a few years ago, my life looked a LOT different. My health hit rock bottom, & I found out the hard way.

It took time, but I turned things around. I dug into the research, found mentors, & made some major lifestyle changes. I invested in myself.

Now? My health has skyrocketed. I’m on a journey to a level of health that, at one point, I didn’t know was possible.

And my mission is to bring as many women with me as I can.

Could this be your story?

"The happiest and most healthy that I've ever been!"

Kate helped me ACTUALLY get healthy. All my life, I considered myself a pretty healthy person, and I was sure I was getting enough exercise. However, she reinforced the importance of a healthy, balanced diet along with exercise. I can easily say I'm the happiest and most healthy that I've ever been! I'm finally on the right track and conquering some major health concerns the natural way.


Online Masterclasses

Powerful, healing teachings available to you on-demand.

Dive deep on your favorite topics in my masterclasses. These intensive classes are designed to give you the knowledge, tools, & skills to effectively level up your health.

Want to get coached by me?

Find out about my 1-on-1 health coaching program for women.

Wellness Seminars & Workshops

Looking for a speaker for your next retreat, conference or employee wellness event?

My wellness seminars merge science-based health with tangible, effective lifestyle changes designed to help you implement & get results that last.

Health is multifaceted. Nutrition, movement, sleep. stress. It’s all important to health. In my seminars & workshops, we’ll connect the dots in a way that simplifies health & focuses on actions you can take.

We’ll talk about health in a super approachable way such that you will feel empowered to change your life for the better.

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