Hi, friend! I’m Kate Moore.

I’m a wellness expert, a super nerd when it comes to science, & I’m obsessed with helping other women find success on their journey to health (without ever counting a single calorie!).

I’m a small-town runner, blogger, educator, & physicist (yes, as in “rocket scientist”).
My happiest days are spent connecting with & spilling my secrets to women around the world — after a nice long yoga session, of course!

Ready to up-level your health?

What if I told you that it’s actually easier than you think to get on track?

The hardest part can just be taking the first step. So I’m gonna make that as easy as possible for you: pick a post & start reading.

There’s something for you here, friend. Dig in!


"If you focus on making permanent, effective changes in the way you eat day to day, all the other stuff will fall into place."

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