Autoimmune Free

Your proven path to reversing & preventing autoimmunity naturally.

Been there, almost died from that.

My husband was wasting away at 20-years-old by the time he got a Grave’s disease diagnosis — which at the time seemed like another death sentence, just slower.

Once medicated and stable, he made it his personal mission to find a cure and heal his thyroid. Something the doctors said was impossible.

10 years later, he’s medication free, healthy, and no longer having his days hijacked by flare-ups.

It didn’t take more medication, a laboratory, or access to “the best” doctors. Together, we discovered what really causes autoimmunity and turned our lifestyle upside down together to get healthy.

While it didn’t take rocket science to get to where we are, we did make a lot of mistakes and go through an extensive (and expensive!) learning process.

What if I told you that modern medicine got autoimmunity all wrong?

You wouldn’t be reading this right now if there wasn’t a part of you that believed you could dump your autoimmune disease and feel good again somehow, even if you — like me — have been looked square in the eyes and told by an “expert” that it’s impossible.

I’m no doctor, but I have been to the School of Life and done my down-and-dirty research while self-experimenting with my family. Together, my husband and I discovered that lifestyle choices are the ultimate answer to the “incurable” autoimmunity conundrum. I’ve seen it with my own eyes what happens when someone takes responsibility for their health and makes the changes necessary to heal and stay that way.

You see, there’s a lot more to health than pills, diet & exercise, and Botox-ing your way out of looking old. In fact, that isn’t health at all!

Autoimmunity isn't...

Genetically predetermined.
Your body attacking itself.
Permanent or incurable.

Autoimmunity is caused by chronic toxicity in the body.

Your lifestyle choices contribute to increased toxicity or increased wellness.
Remove the constant influx of toxins? The body begins to heal itself.

Autoimmune Free

Learn how to detox, reverse autoimmunity, and lock in long term health, all in a 5 module, self-paced program grounded in science and personal experience.

In less than a year, my husband went from daily, life-interrupting flare-ups to medication free and thriving.

Now, I'm sharing a how-we-did-it blueprint so you can cut your learning curve and start feeling better ASAP.

What you're getting:

Module 1


Food is the foundation because you are what you eat. That means making sure your food is fuel on the fire of wellness and not disease is first up! We’ll go over one-size-doesn’t-fits-all guidelines for healthy eating and how to choose high quality food.


How To Build A Healthy Meal Template
Understanding Autoimmune Diets Guide
My Top Supplement Recommendations
Module 2


You’ll be shocked at how many toxins are lurking in your typical household products! Leaving no stone unturned, we’ll swap out those hidden toxins for health-boosting alternatives in your kitchen, bathroom, and beyond.


Clean Home Quick Guide
How To Read Product Labels
Clean Brands I'm Loving
Module 3


Sleep is where the magic happens. Since high quality sleep is a must for supporting your detox pathways, we’ll get into how to be a better sleeper and all my best tips for catching those Zzz’s.


5 Reasons You're Not Getting Good Sleep
Tools For Reducing Blue Light
How Stimulants Affect Sleep (Even If You Can Fall Asleep)
Module 4


For most people, stress is a prime example of how that mind-body connection plays into our overall health. Mental and physical toxins created by stress can contribute to autoimmunity in a big way, so we’ll make a game plan for stressing less.


9 Tips To Lower Stress Levels
Understanding The Stress Response
Module 5


It’s not just about “what” you put on and around your body but also “who”! How you interact with yourself and others on this healing journey will make a big difference to your success. We’ll wrap up with strategies for healthy relationships to keep you going strong.


3 Journal Prompts To Guide Your Reflections
How Spiritual Health Relates To Autoimmunity

This no-fluff program is jam-packed with everything you need to know to kickstart your autoimmune healing journey the right way for your unique body without chasing your tail on Google or spending hours a day on extra activities that aren't actually helping.

I'll walk you through it all in the video teachings and downloadable PDF workbook. You'll get instant access to dive in as soon as you join.


And don't forget the bonuses!

interview with my husband, Tim, about his autoimmune healing journey and his best from-the-trenches advice
supplemental deep dive read on the science of autoimmunity

Autoimmune Free is for you if...

You just got an autoimmune diagnosis and wonder if there's anything you can do to fix it.
You are a long-time autoimmune warrior and are sick of living a flare-up interrupted life day in and day out.
You have the symptoms of an autoimmune condition, but don't have a formal diagnosis. You want to head this thing off now before it gets any worse.
You want to prevent developing an autoimmune condition in the future and are ready to learn how you can avoid it altogether.
Sounds great!

So what's the investment?

When you enroll today, you'll get instant access to...

+ 5 Video Teaching Modules ($1,800 Value)

+ 62-Page Full Color Program Workbook ($300 Value)

+ Interview With An Autoimmune Reversal Success Story ($100 Value)

+ Deep Dive Read On Autoimmunity Science ($50 Value)

Plus, you get lifetime access to the program and any future updates with additional content.

That's a total value of over $2,200!

Personally, it took us several years and thousands of dollars to figure all this out and become autoimmune free. I don't want you to take the long way like we did. For a fraction of the time and financial investment I made to learn what's inside this program, you can get started today for only...

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Once you sign up, you have lifetime access to the program and the materials inside. You can sign up now and start later or revisit the materials as often as you need in the future.

The entire course is self-paced, so you can go at whatever pace suits you. Each module is approximately an hour of material on average to watch the videos and read the downloads. You can do one hour per week or dive right in and go through it all in a weekend.

Every person’s body and health is unique. Therefore, the content inside this course was designed to be customizable to your specific needs. If you have autoimmunity or want to practice preventative health measures, this is for you.

While it has been my personal experience that the information contained inside this course was paramount to my husband reversing his autoimmune condition, every person is different. I can’t guarantee any two experiences will be alike. Your success inside this program is a direct result of your specific health circumstances, how willing you are to make changes to your lifestyle, and the energy you dedicate to health and healing.

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Yes! You can email me at, and I’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you have. We can correspond via email or schedule a call.


Meet your teacher

Kate Moore

health coach, scientist, nature lover

Hey, friend! My name is Kate, and I’m so glad you’re here and ready to make autoimmunity a thing of the past.

When my husband was diagnosed with Grave’s disease, we got busy looking for a way out. Through many lifestyle changes, he reversed his condition and is living medication free. I designed this course to cut your learning curve and map out the path to healing that we discovered.

I have a health coaching certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and decade of personal experience in studying natural health under my belt. I also received a Masters in Physics from the University of Memphis and worked as a Silicon Valley engineer before transitioning to health coaching full-time.

The materials inside this program are for informational purposes only. This course is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. The statements and information inside this course have not been evaluated by the Federal Food & Drug Administration. The information and materials inside this course are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.