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for women's health.


With a Masters in Physics, decade of endurance athletics, and even a stint at NASA under my belt, I abandoned my career in Silicon Valley.

In my spare time, I had been putting my extensive education in physics, chemistry, and physiology to work in pursuit of a natural way to heal my husband’s autoimmune condition and my chronic anxiety and burnout.

Through hundreds of hours of research and self-experimentation, we figured it out. Our total lifestyle overhaul resulted in him becoming medication free and completely reversing his “incurable” condition.


Now a physicist turned biohacker and holistic health expert, I spend my days researching a different kind of tech: the body.

I’m obsessed with leveraging biology and optimizing health in the most effective science-meets-intuition kind of way.

Becoming more resilient, optimizing human performance, & confidently embracing nature's best practices.

It's what I help you do, & more.

Most people with poor health have it for so long, they don’t even realize it. Many people’s misconception of what health is actually puts them directly on the warpath to becoming a dis-ease statistic.

You live your whole life with your body sending level 7 red flag signals and only notice something’s wrong when you hit an 8 or 8.5. Maybe you even think you’re pretty healthy — until you hit rock bottom. What if you could live life without health ever being a concern and feel amazing every single day?


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Image 4 V1 - EDITED

Traditionally, we wait until things get bad enough, before going to the doctor and getting a diagnosis and medication. A surprising number of times, the doctor doesn’t even know how to properly diagnose our symptoms or brushes them off altogether.

But what I discovered in my own healing journey is that we have to get to the “why” behind our health, not just the “what”.

The body communicates to us, and it’s our job to listen. You can medicate yourself all day every day, but if you haven’t gotten to the root cause of your issues, it’ll come right back when the meds wear off. (And might still be getting worse in the background.)

Truly, healing is a mind-body-spirit experience. When you key in every facet and live a healthy, balanced life every day, that’s when the magic happens. Just addressing one or two factors isn’t enough!

If you don’t have your health, you don’t have a life. My poor health and anxiety actively affected my education, career, and relationships, so I know the same is true for you, too. What I’m here to tell you is that it doesn’t have to be that way. And you can turn things around faster than you’d think.

I wanted to truly feel good every day without health problems interfering. I invested in experts and education, and now I live a life feeling better than I could have imagined.


A lifestyle the way nature intended.

The body & mind you want.

I developed a coaching method to help women like you find healing the way I did by going back to the mind-body-spirit connection. At its foundation, optimal health is fueling by toxin-free living in 3 areas:  body, environment, & mind. When you clean up these 3 areas, health comes into balance.


My method is designed to help you implement best practices in these areas to promote long-term healing and consistently feeling good. We blend science and a little woo to make magic happen for you.

In our coaching sessions, you’ll get the tools & skills you need to take your health into your own hands — so you have control of your life again (and don’t need me as a coach forever)!

When you work with me, you get...

Accelerated Healing

You’ll get an intensive mentorship that condenses years of learning into months. You’ll be able to see tangible, significant improvements in your health by implementing the practices I’ll teach you.

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Personalized Support

We’ll be on the phone together working through whatever comes up for you. I’ll hold your hand every step of the way to make sure you understand how to make what we talk about real for your life.

Exclusive Access

I take on a limited number of clients at a time so that you get the focus and energy from me that you deserve. This also means I have more time to research and experiment with the most up-to-date information to help you excel in the program.

Back to Nature

toxin-free BODY, ENVIRONMENT, & mind




So much more than
diagnoses & medication

What's the value of a holistic approach to health?


Feeling good becomes the norm.
And when you understand how your biology works, you stay in control and know what to do when issues arise.
The body’s natural equilibrium is feeling good, and it’s constantly driving towards a state of health.
We just have to get out of our own way.
Holistic living takes out the guesswork and gives you the best chance of reversing health conditions that modern Western medicine has deemed “incurable”.
(Like my husband’s Grave’s disease, supposedly an autoimmune life sentence. Now he’s medication-free with balanced hormones after a lifestyle overhaul.)

I believe healing is possible for you.
But the time to make a change is now.
There is no time to lose.

The Ultimate Cost of Not TRULY Living a Natural Lifestyle

Spending hundreds of dollars a month on supplements that don’t work.

​Wasting time & money on diets & fitness programs that leave you hitting a plateau.

​Countless hours sitting in waiting rooms of doctor’s offices without ever getting straight answers.

​Depending on prescription medications forever while your health continues declining.

​Working your butt off in the gym with diminishing returns.

​Thousands of Google searches for answers leaving you ultimately more confused.

​A constant barrage of health concerns disrupting your workday, relationships, and self-image.

​Looking healthy on the outside while starting to break down internally.

​Never feeling like your best self every day.

An Invitation For You...

If you’ve been nodding along thinking, “Yes! This is exactly the kind of lifestyle I need. I want real, long-term health naturally.”

… I have an invitation for you.

Schedule a free 45 minute consultation with me.

On this free consultation, we’ll chat about…

Where you are in your health.

 ​What optimal health looks like for you.

​ Which lifestyle changes will help you get there.

This is a no fluff call to strategize and map out a plan so you can get in control of your biology and upgrade your health.

If your health isn’t amazing, you’ve got progress to make, and I’m here to help.

Don’t wait to book your call as my schedule can fill up, and we both know that you don’t have time to waste in getting your health on track.

Meet your coach, Kate!

I’m a physicist and endurance runner turned biohacker and holistic health expert.

Eight years of competitive cross country racing (plus a marathon) left me feeling like I understood health, but my burnout and anxiety told a different story. I put my three STEM degrees, including a Masters in Physics, and experience working for NASA and Silicon Valley to work looking for answers.
On my journey to healing chronic anxiety and fatigue, I developed an obsession with staying up to date on the latest scientific research in health and wellness and learning the healing traditions of our ancestors.
After years of self-experimentation and investing in expert guidance, I’m healthier than ever and on the continual warpath to optimizing my human performance physically and mentally. And helping other women do the same!


"The happiest and most healthy that I've ever been!"

Kate helped me ACTUALLY get healthy. All my life, I considered myself a pretty healthy person, and I was sure I was getting enough exercise. However, she reinforced the importance of a healthy, balanced diet along with exercise. I can easily say I'm the happiest and most healthy that I've ever been! I'm finally on the right track and conquering some major health concerns the natural way.


“I never thought I’d be this person. It’s so much easier than I thought.”

“I feel like everything I’ve ever known is wrong! I have no idea what I’d do without you!!!”

“I slept 9 hours last night. I can’t remember the last time that happened.”

Ready to master your health
& start living on your own terms?


My background in hard science — a Master’s degree in Physics — means that you’re getting holistic health guidance grounded in research, not just what’s trendy. You’ll always understand why the lifestyle changes that I’ll help you implement matter, putting the power over your decisions and life back in your hands.

My program is NOT for those who…

  • Want a quick fix for their health problems.
  • Aren’t willing to make changes to their lifestyle.
  • Aren’t willing to invest in themselves with time and money.
  • Make excuses for not taking action.
  • Refuse to trust the process of getting healthy naturally.
  • Are looking for medical advice.

If you identify as any of the above, then you aren’t quite ready to work with me. But please join my free Facebook group to stay connected and get encouragement in your health journey. Then when you’re ready, set up a call with me and we’ll get you started.

If you have a couple of questions, just email me at hello@katemitchellmoore.com or schedule a free consultation call using the button below, and I’ll be happy to walk you through what it would look like to work together and make sure it’s the best fit for you.