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Are you ready to kickstart your health right away & get rid of all the blocks that stand in the way of your success?

I’ve been studying & experimenting with health & nutrition for nearly a decade. (And competing as an endurance runner for longer than that!). I took a much deeper interest in all things “getting healthy” after experiencing health problems spurred on by hormone imbalance & stress (not fun) — all while I thought I was actually pretty “healthy”. It turned out, there was a lot more that went into being healthy than trying to “diet & exercise”. UGH.

I’ve spent years combing through published research & testing things on myself (as well as friends & family members that were willing to be guinea pigs). This included working with my husband to eliminate his Grave’s disease through lifestyle changes such that he’s been medication free for over 2 years.

I firmly believe that if you don’t have your health, you don’t have a life. Health is the cornerstone to ANYTHING else you want to do with your life.

Be a better wife? Get healthy. Be a better mom? Get healthy. Write a book? Get healthy. Run a successful business? Get healthy. You get my point. 😉

I’m obsessed with figuring out the key ingredients to health that apply to all women (and which elements are deeply personalized). This passion has accumulated to a life centered around health and learning how to feel better and live better. And then share that knowledge with you!

A soon-to-be graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition as an integrative nutrition health coach, I’m all about blending life, food, and environment to optimize health and get you where you want to go more effectively and holistically.

In coaching sessions, I’m determined to give you the tools & skills you need to take your health into your own hands — so that you can get the results you’re looking for effectively & for the long term.

NOW, let’s get you started.

NOW, let's get you started.

"The happiest and most healthy that I've ever been!"

Kate helped me ACTUALLY get healthy. All my life, I considered myself a pretty healthy person, and I was sure I was getting enough exercise. However, she reinforced the importance of a healthy, balanced diet along with exercise. I can easily say I'm the happiest and most healthy that I've ever been! I'm finally on the right track and conquering some major health concerns the natural way.


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