I believe adopting a natural lifestyle is foundational for human welfare.

Holistic health & living in tune with the Earth is what makes us well.

It’s the real medicine.

The Programs

Welcome to the school of you! Where you can pour yourself a cup of tea, hang out with yours truly, and get a deep dive into creating the amazing, well body and high vibes life of your dreams.

Choose the area you want to improve & let's get going!

Reverse Autoimmunity Naturally

Start Healing Today

Get the inside scoop on all things autoimmunity — whether you have a diagnosis, are on the path to one, or want to avoid autoimmunity showing up in your future.

The roadmap shared in this program is the exact process my husband and I adopted to reverse his Grave’s disease 100% naturally. If you’ve ever wondered if healing is possible or how to do it, this is for you.


rituals for moon-aligned living

Living aligned with Nature could not be complete without tuning our energies in with the Moon. She influences our emotional, spiritual, and physical rhythms.

Through these Rituals designed to access and amplify the Lunar energies available to us for rest, connection, vitality, and healing, we can exist in accordance with Nature’s design for the highest good of ourselves and the collective.

14 Day Stress Less Challenge

30 minutes to a more peaceful day

Life can feel a little (or a lot) chaotic sometimes. The day-to-day busyness has a way of creeping in and chronic stress is on the rise more than ever. If you’re looking to kiss stress goodbye and step into your days with a little more ease and intention, this challenge is for you.

I’ve packaged my best stress reducing tips and tricks into a simple, easy for everyone 14-day challenge to help you build new, naturally health habits that I used to ditch my anxiety for good.

"I feel like everything I've ever known is wrong. I have no idea what I'd do without you!"
- Brittany