Love & Harmony


Tools, thought experiments, & mindset shifts to transform yourself into an irresistible partner, build a strong(er) foundation for your present or future relationship, & curate a supportive, loving, & healthy container for your relationship to thrive in.

Single? Dating? Married? You're in the right place.

Inner Work For Outer Harmony

Whether you’re single or married for 30 years, our relationships never stop needing attention, healing, & strengthening. This is a lifelong journey that requires your focus every step of the way.

If you’re single (or perhaps know you should be soon), the work for your next relationship starts nowbefore Mr. or Mrs. Right walks into your life. Especially if you want to keep him or her around. Allowing the perfect partner to walk into your life effortlessly & magically begins with who you’re being (not how many bars you frequent or dating apps you use). That’s where the inner work comes into play.

If you’re committed, I don’t have to tell you that the work is ongoing — no matter how amazing your relationship is now. Complacency will bring death to any relationship eventually, & you owe it to yourself & your partner to do the inner work that shores up your foundation & allows you to continue growing together.

The strategies, approaches, & tools I’m going to share with you are the same framework that have guided me into a healthy & thriving relationship of 9 years with my husband. It hasn’t always been easy, but improved communication & understanding has allowed up to continue growing together. I want the same for you.

Join me in this guided self-exploration into creating the relationship of your dreams.

Love & Harmony

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Join me in this self-guided exploration into creating the relationship of your dreams.

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Definitely! If you desire a partner at some point in the future, the tools I’ll teach you inside this workshop are invaluable. Attracting your ideal partner effortlessly only happens when you’re an energetic match for them. I’ll share with you what that means & how to do it.

Absolutely! If your relationship isn’t growing, it’s dying. The work never stops! The tools and strategies in this workshop will help you shore up foundations and become closer to your partner as long as you’re willing to grow together.

Yes! Yes! Yes! Even the best relationships need nurturing in order to stay that way. These tools & practices will help you navigate choppy waters & become even stronger as a couple.

The workshop will be delivered in PDF format as a workbook with guided discussion and prompts. You’ll receive access to the workbook in an email as soon as you register. (Please give 5-15 minutes for the email to be delivered.)

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Kate Moore

I’m Kate Moore, a Floridian living my best married life (est. 2019) — to a man I met in 2013 — armed with home brewed kombucha, cut-off jeans, and fiery passion for wellbeing that goes beyond the body.

For the last decade, I have been researching and working in the holistic health and personal development space, teaching women how to level up their lifestyles with an all-natural and spiritual approach. When you align the physical, emotional, and spiritual, magic happens in your life. Outside the traditional paradigm of our culture, you can find freedom in ridding yourself of old beliefs and habits that create a toxic life and body and create an identity and lifestyle that supports the best and highest expression of you.

Back in the day, I lived a life full of chronic anxiety, illness, and struggle. At the same time, my now husband suffered with an “incurable” autoimmune condition. After I healed myself (and my household) by integrating an ancestral, nature-based lifestyle and adopting a suite of subconscious altering modalities including hypnosis, tapping, NLP, and meditation, I became obsessed with the idea that we are in complete control of our destiny through our beliefs and the body can heal miraculously and maintain youthfulness effortlessly if we only give it the proper inputs.

I cannot stand the idea that health, vitality, and abundance must be hard won or require expensive gadgets or access to special gurus. And I’m infinitely grateful to be a guide to hundreds of women in their spiritual awakenings, lifestyle transformations, and deep healing experiences without complicated processes or being dependent on anything outside of the self.

I love living my life in tune with the rhythms of nature — the healing cycles of the seasons, moon, and body. On any given day you might find me at home sunning in my vegetable garden with a cup of tea and fantasy novel, at the gym or on my yoga mat creating a strong and powerful body, or in the kitchen baking gluten-free bread surrounded by my four snuggly cats. I consider quantum mechanics “light reading”, Ghost Adventures a TV staple, and getting outside barefoot once a day a non-negotiable.

Receipts? Absolutely. The papers hanging on my wall include a Masters in Physics and certifications as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, 200 Hr Yoga Teacher, and Ayurvedic Specialist. But none of that matters as much to me as the School of Life where I’ve put in hundreds upon hundreds of hours of self-study reading books, academic journals, and self-experimenting in topics including terrain theory, psychology, herbalism, astrology and human design, marriage and relationships, biology, manifesting, consciousness, and intuition development.

Wanna get plugged in? My podcast Turn Up The Volume is overflowing with ideas and practices to rock your world. My Instagram @katemitchellmoore is buzzing. And my blog Earth Dweller Daily is full of free resources to aid your journey. 🖤✨