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Meditation Library

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A library full of guided meditations of varying lengths and topics. Ready to find your zen?

4 Steps To Heal Your Gut


The exact step-by-step process I used to heal my own gut that I share with my private coaching clients (and now with you!)

Raise Your Frequency Meditation

Audio Download

In case you’re ever feeling stuck or need an extra boost, keep this meditation close to help recalibrate your emotions.

Toxin-Free Home Products

Consumer Guide

The exact products I use in my home to avoid hidden sources of toxins & embrace all-natural products.

New Moon Meditation

Audio Download

A bonus track pulled from my program Lunar: Rituals For Moon-Aligned Living to give you a sneak taste and help you ground and set intentions during the new moon.

10 Medicinal Plants Every Home Apothecary Needs


Versatile, highly effective herbal remedies to build a foundational home apothecary or expand your current one.