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-- in 28 days --


(without falling prey to self-sabotage, feeling stuck in a rut, & settling for "just okay")

If you’re tired of hustling, putting off what you want in the name of what you “should”, & waiting for “someday” to have more for your life.

If you desire to make your dreams a reality, to live a life that’s extraordinary & on your own terms, radically aligned with your higher purpose…

You’re not alone.

And you’re not crazy. But you are responsible. You’re responsible for believing that version of yourself is possible & creating it.

You already know that it isn’t easy & it takes courage. But you also know that if you could figure out how to get there, it would be so worth it.

Here's What You


Living an extraordinarily, limitless life sounds, well, RADICAL. But what if I told you that it’s not only possible, but just beyond your fingertips in every moment? All you need is a guide to help you know where to reach. And when I say radical life, I’m talking about an extreme, seems-impossible-but-possible extraordinary life that exudes limitless abundance from every facet.

Amazing, right?

We Make Our Own Rules In Life

To live a radical life on your own terms, we must first believe that both radical life & life on our own terms are possible. We must believe that we make our own rules in life. We get to decide how much money we can make, what kind of house we want to live in, what we do for a living, & the types of people we allow in our environment. Your life is up to you.

Nobody Gets To Tell You What You Can Have

Nobody — not your parents, spouse, boss — NOBODY gets to tell you what you can have. Nobody gets to tell you how big your dreams can be. Whatever you believe for your life is what’s possible. If we allow the limiting beliefs of those around us to cap our potential, we will never live a radical life on our own terms.

Physical Health Begins In The Mind

If your body feels like crap, then somewhere in your metaphysical self also feels like crap. Physical ailments are a result of negative energy from toxic thoughts, emotions, & feelings that channel into the body. While addressing the physical, like nutrition, movement, & a toxin free environment, is critical to health, so is addressing the mindspace. That’s where a radical life is unlocked.

Even though the desire to live a radical life on your own terms is undeniably present,

the game plan to actually have it
is anything but.

Life on my own terms? Count me in!

But where the heck do I start?

You feel like you’re meant for more in life. There’s a little voice in the back of your mind screaming, “This can’t be all life has to offer!”

And yet, the daily grind sweeps you off your feet. Another alarm clock, another chaotic day, another tired evening where, at some point long ago, your nightly glass of wine escalated to vodka. (Just to take the edge off.)

At one point, you had shiny dreams for your future, a vision no one could put a damper on. But then life took over and you did “what had to be done”. And now you’re stuck with the “what ifs” & the “maybes” in a life that lacks a little divine purpose.

Maybe you’ve even picked up a few personal development books & added some inspirational podcasts to your playlist. But the guidance is incomplete & the inspiration lacks real “how-to” substance.

Most people? They stop there. They put the books back on the shelf, unsubscribe from the podcasts, & sit back on the sidelines while life passes them by. Watching others fulfill their dreams in life while they allow theirs to fade into the ether.

Here's why most people settle for ordinary:

Ordinary is easy. There’s a guidebook written by society, a right way to live life with the proper amount of happiness and a generous dose of suffering to keep you in check.

Breaking out of that rut takes courage, crystal-clear purpose, & a little bit of audacity — 3 things that most people haven’t cultivated.

Fear speaks loudly & consistently in our minds. The deep rooted beliefs that we can’t (or shouldn’t) have the radical life we want impose self-inflicted limits that are nearly impossible to see or break down without the help of someone looking from the outside. To do that requires asking for help & being vulnerable with admitting we want more. Cue fear again.

Most people don’t even believe that “more” exists. That it’s reserved for the rich & powerful who are somehow extra special. They believe that ordinary is as good as it gets, so why bother changing the status quo. They keep their heads down & power through. Sustaining themselves on mantras like:  “I should just be grateful.”; “It’s not that bad.”; “I’ll get to retire eventually.”; “I’m too old.”; “It’s too late for me anyway.”

Defeated & driven to apathy, they settle for ordinary.

Here's why this keeps you stuck in a rut.

When most people reach beyond ordinary & take steps toward a radical life, they leave out a key step: the inner work.

After reaching for “more”, they find themselves with a little success & then major self-sabotage. You’ve seen it happen…

Lose the weight & then gain it back. Start building a side business & then let it go. Date an amazing guy & then break it off.

They haven’t identified the mental gremlins initiating the self-sabotage or learned how to bypass their influence.

As a miraculous human with one life to live, you don’t have time to wait around for the negative voices in your head to get stronger.

Even if you’ve succumbed to fear, overwhelm, & self-sabotage before, you can access the tools to successfully navigate your way to the life you want, the guidance to shift your mindset, & the power to restructure your self-limiting beliefs. The game plan to unlock your untapped potential.

That is… if you’ll allow the contrast between where you are and where you want to be to FUEL your growth instead of reason for defeat.

3 Reasons Your Life

Feels Stagnant

(And how to break through.)

  • Reason 1
  • Reason 2
  • Reason 3

Reason 1: You believe subconsciously engrained negative stories.

From childhood, we adopt a perception of the world from our parents, siblings, friends, teachers, & classmates from off-handed comments, trauma, or abuse. We learn that we’re not capable, good enough, worthy, welcome, desired. That the world isn’t safe, kind, trustworthy.

These stories get rooted so deeply in our subconscious that we’ve maybe never even thought them point-blank, out loud.

If we can identify our deep rooted beliefs, our subconscious lies, and rewrite them, we get our power back. If we can learn to reach back in time and hug that hurt child, we become free from those deadly stories that are holding us back. It takes a willingness to dive deep, but with the right tools and guidance, we can believe new, empowering stories.

We can rewrite the script for our own lives.

Reason 2: Your mind controls you.

The mind has a knack for feeding us negative thoughts like worry, anxiety, fear, and anger in an attempt to protect us. The mind wants us to be safe, well within our comfort zone. “Growth is painful and unknown, and therefore must be avoided”, it thinks.

Unfortunately, many times our comfort zone includes pain as well. But since that pain is familiar and known, we choose it over the uncertain and unknown -- when we allow the mind to control us, that is.

We take back the power over our lives when we take control of our thoughts. That doesn’t mean we never have negative thoughts. It does mean that we choose which thoughts to believe. It means that we actively decide what is true for us.

With repetition, the new thoughts we choose become beliefs. And with new beliefs, comes new life -- a revival.

Reason 3: You live by default.

Humans are creatures of habit. We like routine. But that opens a trap -- falling into an aimless daily grind. When we live life by default, we comfortably go with the flow, sometimes for so long that one day we wake up, blink, and wonder how in the heck we got here.

By giving up our choice for what we want for our lives, be it out of fear of judgement, failure, or uncertainty, someone else chooses for us (a boss, spouse, or parent). And we’re never happy with the end result.

We don’t have to be stuck. Even if we’ve been in the rut 100 years, it’s never too late to climb out. It’s uncomfortable and unknown. The mind will kick into overdrive, grappling to keep us in the safety of our rut. But ultimately, we have the power to live life on our own terms.

With the right mindset, we can break out of the rut we’ve carved and live freely, with intention. We can create a new life.

Shhh... I'm going to let you in on a


In life, we’re told that in order to BE a certain way (happy, rested, joyful), we must first HAVE something, such that we can DO something. Only then can we BE that state.

HAVE first, DO second, BE last.

“Once I have more money, then I can travel to Europe, and then I will be happy.” “Once I have my retirement, then I can stay home, and then I will feel rested.” “Once I have new clothes, then I can dress up and go out, and then I will feel joyful.”

We live in a constant state of CHASING the life we want to live, feeling stuck and stagnant by our circumstances. Encased by a mental veil that never seems to lift.

Allow me to lift the veil…

We must learn how to flip the script: First, we BE. Then we DO. And last, we HAVE.

If “having” is our priority, we will never have enough. Humans always want more by nature.

But if we can first achieve “well-be-ing”, we open ourselves up to more possibilities of “doing” and “having”. We will do and have from a place of wellbeing instead of a place of not enough. And what we do and have will be enough.

It sounds simple…

But it’s not easy to truly embrace a state of be-ing when we’ve trained our whole lives to have and do first.

Embracing the BE-ing requires deep shifts within ourselves to rewrite the belief systems that hold us back. We must change our thought patterns, harness our energies, & reset our mindsets.

And with your permission, that’s what I’d LOVE to show you how to do.




A 28 Day Mindset Reset Program

Because I’ve been right where you are, I couldn’t be more excited to share in your journey with you. My personal journey has carried me through the depths of anxiety & overwork, my body breaking down while my mind felt stuck & clouded. I sought a revival — a breath of new life enabling limitless abundance, dream manifesting, & life on my own terms.

I created REVIVE as a means to offer you the answers I’ve found. To cut my learning curve for you & condense my decade of learning into a beautiful, neatly packaged program where you can allow your mind to explode with creativity & possibility while diving deep into the inner work required to bring your wildest dreams to fruition. Inside this program, you’ll find new life — a revival.


isn't so much a self-help program as it is a

path to self-healing.

It took me 10 years to get to this point. I spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars on books, experts, & resources on a quest to figure out how to reclaim my energy, my life, & my freedom.

I’m by no means perfect. But by embracing the practices I’ve learned on a consistent basis — the ones I’m sharing with you inside REVIVE, I’m unrecognizable to the woman I was 6, 12, and 36 months ago. My life is expanding, and I’m living on my own terms now more than ever. I escaped the corporate world, migrated to tropical geography, & married my dream man in back-to-back magical ceremonies. And the unfolding is just beginning.

i want the same for you.



is the only program of its kind that...

Compresses 10 years of learning into 28 days

I’ve personally spent thousands of dollars & hundreds of hours across the last decade learning & integrating the tools & practices you’ll learn inside REVIVE. With REVIVE, you’ll cut the learning curve & get straight to what really matters when it comes to the inner work & healing your mindset. The teachings inside REVIVE have been some of the most powerful, life-changing lessons I’ve acquired throughout my own journey to a radical life. These 28 days are your foundation for creating the rest of your life.

Addresses energy as the root cause of dis-ease

While many would argue that we have a chronic disease epidemic in our culture, I say it’s actually an energy epidemic. Ancient teachings outline the energetic, metaphysical connection to physical ailments, a knowledge largely lost to modern-day medicine. True, lasting wellness comes from healing both the physical & the metaphysical self, starting with the metaphysical. What shows up in the body begins in the mind. Once we get our minds right, other facets of physical health fall into place easier. In REVIVE, we’ll dive deep into balancing energy, healing the metaphysical, & how to address the true root cause of dis-ease.

Empowers you to find answers within yourself

The answers you’re looking for in health & life can be found within. Your intuition is the most powerful guidance tool you have, if you know how to listen to it. In REVIVE, you’ll dive deep within the mind & body to discover the inner-knowing powers lying uptapped & at your disposal. You’ll then use your intuition as your guide through the program as we cover topics such as relationships, priorities, self-care needs, & creativity. The powerful intentions we’ll set together will be magnified when backed by your intuition.

Focuses on long-term lifestyle integration

REVIVE is not about a certain 28 days. It’s about the rest of your life. The tools you’ll learn & integrate into your lifestyle will serve you long beyond the 4 weeks we make together inside REVIVE. Mindset, conscious creation, & growth are life-long endeavors. In 28 days, I’ll teach you the foundational inner work that leads to radical health, and you’ll see a difference within by the end of the program. But the work — and ever magnified results — continues after, with practice and discipline in your every day journey.

Here's How It All

Breaks Down

  • Week 1
  • Week 2
  • Week 3
  • Week 4



In the first week, we'll talk about the mind & our thoughts. Our thoughts are extremely powerful, which is why there is where we start. We'll also break down resistance -- why it happens & how to handle it when it shows up (because it will!). You'll be set up for success for the next 3 weeks of the program.


  • Set powerful intentions to carry you through the program & beyond.
  • Understand how to manifest the reality you want, including the key step most people skip.
  • Practice targeted journalling to identify negative subconscious beliefs & begin the process to rewriting those stories.
  • Identify your self-imposed limitations keeping you from leveling up.
  • The importance of a morning ritual & the difference between ritual & routine.



First we think, then we feel. Our feelings then manifest as energy in our bodies and surrounding environment. Without transmuting our negative energies in a healthy manner, they show up in our bodies as physical ailments. Controlling our flow of energy & practicing sovereignty is a powerful tool for healing & thriving.


  • Learn how to modulate your feelings by thinking a better thought.
  • Discover the science of grounding & unlock the healing power offered by the Earth.
  • Understand the important difference between compassion & empathy.
  • How to practice energetic sovereignty in interactions.
  • Explore the impact that metaphysical issues have our on physical health & why energetic healing is critical to multifaceted wellness.



With an understanding of our thoughts, feelings, & energy, we can begin to rewrite the deep-seated beliefs holding us back from our true potential. You'll learn how to reframe life as a sandbox instead of a rut. We'll also discuss the importance of how we value ourselves, what it looks like to invest in & prioritize ourselves, & practice self-care.


  • Discover your "why" which fuels transformational change in your life.
  • Practice a self-love meditation.
  • Incorporate affirmations & visualizations for more powerful meditation flow.
  • Evaluate current priorities & have an opportunity to restructure in alignment with desire.
  • Explore my "Life Is Your Sandbox" practice.



In the final week, we'll incorporate teachings from throughout the program. You'll learn how to climb the vibrational ladder & what that flow of energy to grow looks like for you on a personal level. We'll also dive into how to integrate these practices into your lifestyle beyond our 28 days together to maximize long-term benefit.


  • Discover the vibration ladder of feeling (& how to climb it)
  • Practice a restorative chakra visualization meditation.
  • Learn a breath-work practice for energy cleansing & balancing perfect for morning ritual.
  • Reclaim the power of choice in your life.
  • Get clarity on your next steps to integrate your intentions & inner work practice.
(In case you're wondering)

This program is NOT for...


>> Is looking for a quick fix.

>> Isn’t willing to change.

>> Isn’t willing to invest in herself.

>> Isn’t willing to make time to participate in the program.

>> Makes excuses instead of taking action.

Here's what you're getting when you join today:


28 day mindset reset including 4 video lessons, weekly tools, morning rituals, daily journal prompts, & guided meditations, PLUS audio downloads of each lesson & meditation for on-the-go. This includes my own personal morning practice (with abbreviated & extended versions), a step-by-step guide to manifestation, ancient teachings to transform energy, & daily check-ins to guide you through the entire transformation seamlessly.

  • Deeper connection to yourself
  • Greater understanding of your body
  • Awareness & connection to your own energy
  • Big breakthrough and “a-ha!” moments
  • Connection to your intuition
  • Increased self-esteem & self-confidence
  • Support & accountability in your journey
  • Set powerful, crystal-clear intentions
  • Deeper joy in life
  • Self-healing practices
  • Weekly video lessons
  • Tutorial videos of tools & practices
  • Powerful morning rituals
  • Daily journal prompts
  • Guided meditations

Sounds great!

So how much does it cost?

If you hired me as a 1-on-1 coach to hop on the phone every week, grab you by the hand, & guide you personally through everything included in the program, we’d be talking a $7,000 investment.

The good news is, since we live in a beautiful age of technology & connection, I can show up in your living room whenever you’re ready to press play. And you can review the lessons & tools as many times as you’d like! It’s like having me as your personal guide on this journey, but I can offer my services to you for a much lower financial investment on your part.

When you sign up TODAY, you’ll dive into the membership site to start:

4 Mindset Training Video Lessons (Value $1,000)

6 Tutorial Videos of Tools & Practices (Value $600)

4 Guided Morning Rituals (Value: $400)

Daily Journal Prompts to Guide You Through Your Journey (Value: $250)

That's a total value of $2,250.

Because I’m super excited to welcome you into the brand-new REVIVE: Inner Work For Radical Life program, I’m giving you the opportunity to join in REVIVE TODAY at the special introductory investment of just…



The next session begins March 24 in accordance with the New Moon.

Questions You Might Have Before Enrolling In



Yes, you can change your life in 28 days.

It only takes one singular second to change your life.

Everything else leading up to that second was molding you into the person you needed to be to make that split-second decision to change.

You’ll have many life-changing ah-ha’s & pivotal decision-making opportunities inside REVIVE. But the real change & the timing of it is all up to you.

I’ll provide you all the tools you need to make it happen, but you have to actually show up for yourself & put in the work.


Whether or not you know exactly what a life of “more” looks like for you, REVIVE can help lead you to clarity & point you in the right direction.

Inside REVIVE, you’ll learn how to set effective intentions, see beyond negative emotions clouding your judgement, & reevaluate where you are in life now vs where you want to be.

You’ll also be provided the exact set of skills I used to break out of my own rut & find clarity in life. I can’t wait to share them with you inside REVIVE!

Feeling fear before taking a big leap into something awesome is totally normal!

The fact that you aren’t immediately letting your fear drive you away from an opportunity that you know will serve you (even if it seems a little scary) means that you also have the potential to thrive inside REVIVE.

Any time change is coming, we feel fear around the unknown. The only difference between fear & excitement is a deep breath.

Take a moment to breathe deep. Ask yourself why you feel fear. Is leaning into that fear & skipping out on REVIVE really going to benefit you?

I honor your courage for wanting to participate in REVIVE, & encourage you to push past your fear. You’ve got this.

There’s more free information available to people than ever before on every subject. We live in an amazing time to read, watch, & listen to content that makes us better humans.

But there’s also a lot of noise out there. So if you don’t really know what you need & what to look for, all the free information in the world won’t help you.

I don’t want you to invest your precious time going down the rabbit hole, wading through tons of information with very little integration into your life to show for it.

It’s not about obtaining the super-secret magic formula to life. It’s about channeling your focus & energy into an immersive, hands-on, foundational guidance system that will help you put into practice what you need to know to unlimit your life & unlock your full potential.

Signing up for REVIVE means that you throw down the gauntlet, commit to living the life you want to live, & show up to learn how.

The weekly videos with the lesson & tools require about 30 minutes per week.

To integrate the practices into daily life, you will start out making approximately 20 minutes to complete your morning ritual & journaling. As you become more familiar with the practices & experience the benefits from consistent practice, we can slowly expand that time commitment as it suits you. The longest morning ritual available in the program is 60 minutes.

After joining, you’ll receive 24/7 lifetime access to our REVIVE membership site. You can access the videos & other content at any time, & come back as many times as you’d like.

REVIVE is perfect for you if…

  • You feel stuck, trapped, confused, or overwhelmed and want more for your life.
  • You are excited about the opportunity to level up your life.
  • You want to accelerate your personal growth.
  • You understand the importance of a healthy mindset to improving every other aspect of your life.
  • You’re an action-taker who’s ready to dive in & implement practices to improve your life.
  • You want to take your morning routine to the next level.
  • You want to unlock an amazing life, free of self-sabotaged successes.
  • You want to improve your physical health & wellbeing.
  • You’re open to learning how to tap into your intuition & self-healing capabilities.

If you can relate to any one (or all)… REVIVE is for you.

REVIVE is not right for anyone who…

  • is not open to changing their lifestyle or habits to better themselves.
  • is not willing to make time to participate in the program.
  • is looking for a quick fix to any problem.
  • isn’t willing to invest in themselves via time, energy, and/or money.
  • makes excuses instead of taking action.

If you’re an action-taker, excited about making positive change in your life & are willing to put in the work to do it… Welcome to REVIVE!

  • 4 Mindset Training Video Lessons (Value $1,000)
  • 6 Tutorial Videos of Tools & Practices (Value $600)
  • 4 Guided, Powerful Morning Rituals (Value $400)
  • Daily Journal Prompts to Guide You Through Your Journey (Value $250)

And ultimately what you’re really getting is…

  • Deeper connection to yourself
  • Greater understanding of your body
  • Awareness & connection to your own energy
  • Big breakthroughs and “a-ha!” moments
  • Connection to your intuition
  • Increased self-esteem & self-confidence
  • Support & accountability in your journey
  • Set powerful, crystal-clear intentions
  • Deeper joy in life


You can send me an email at hello@katemitchellmoore.com with any other questions, & I’ll be happy to help!

Still Undecided?

You're ready to embrace radical transformation with REVIVE if...

>> You feel stuck, trapped, confused, or overwhelmed and want more for your life.

>> You are excited to level up your life but just don’t know where to start.

>> You have previously sparked an interest in inner work but want to accelerate your growth.

>> You already know how important a healthy mindset is to improving every other aspect of your life.

>> You are an action-taker, ready to dive in head-first and implement practices to improve your life.

>> You already make time for a morning routine, meditation, or journalling, but want to take it to the next level.

>> You know how amazing your life can be if you can learn how to get out of your own way.

>> You’re excited for the possibilities opened up in your life by shutting down your self-sabotage response.

>> You feel confident that learning to tap into your intuition and self-healing abilities will stimulate the change you’ve been looking for.

If you caught yourself saying "yes!" to at least 3 of the above, I can't wait to meet you inside REVIVE...



The next session begins March 24 in accordance with the New Moon.

Deep breath. This is going to change everything.

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